Balloon Flight

My Christmas present from Jim in 2004 was a balloon flight, so, armed with my camera and plenty of spare memory sticks, I took the flight on 29 April 2005, just when the spring colours were at their best.

The basket is unpacked first and the balloon unfolded A large fan fills the "envelope" with cold air Once the balloon is filled, the fan is exchanged for a propane burner

As the air inside warms, the balloon quickly moves upright Pilot and passengers quickly scramble in And we're off!

Looking down on the ground crew and well-wishers Looking back to the take off site, just behind the wood on the left Kings Norton and Gaulby, Leicestershire

Kings Norton, Leicestershire Leicestershire countryside Surprisingly, the ridge and furrow fields were very well defined from above

Going low over the fields Marefield viaduct Our shadow following on the ground

Balloon in the sunset A final burst of flame to direct us to the landing site Back on the ground ...




©FBI 2005