15 July 2002*

This must-have collection of wonderful recipes was offered to the highest bidder for the 2001 ATIS Christmas Charity Auction, and went for the satisfactory sum of $128.
The original signed copy, in a wonderful presentation binder with wipe-clean pages (for the spluttered coffee) was presented the winning bidder, Arnie Fero, on 7 July 2002

For others who wish to own a copy of this essential piece of kitchen equipment (and believe me, it is a treat even for those who don't, can't or won't cook!), you can download a copy at the link below and print your own. However, even this comes at a price! And that price is your choice of donation to the charity auction fund.

Donations should be sent to:

Spencer Yost 3160 MacBrandon Lane Pfafftown NC 27040

Please include a note to indicate what the donation is for

Click here to download the SEL Cookbook

(Approx 3.6MB, Adobe Acrobat format)

Click here to get a copy of the FREE Adobe Acrobat reader

* Update Details:

Spelling mistake corrected (thanks Dave!!!) p49

P50 Picture swapped to one of Little Lisa riding the railroad ;-)

17 Jan 2002: Spelling mistake reinserted with disclaimer p49

01 February 2002: Major update with lots of new recipes and pictures, especially "Electric Soup", p12

04 February 2002: Addition of two new chapters: Haymaker's Drinks (Switchel) and Useful Tips and Advice

02 July 2002: New recipes added in Vegetables, Main Course and Switchel sections, plus more healthy eating tips and a few new pictures throughout.


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