Margaret Maytag

The story continues ....

On May 30th 1999, this unique Maytag was introduced to the British Public at a show at Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire. It was not easy to find something for Margaret to run, as she needed something as unusual as her appearance. We had a Lister 187 pump which would be about the right size for her, so a water feature seemed like a good idea. Water features at shows in the UK are not noted for their use of imagination, so I decided to create something which would grab attention in much the same way as Margaret herself does. A waterfall was decided on, and Jim did all the technical work connecting Margaret to the pump and plumbing the pump to run a waterfall. The waterfall was decorated with "grass", bushes, flowers, rocks, a few small ducks and a miniature waterwheel. The setup ran well on Day One, but due to the cold, miserable weather, there were no great crowds to appreciate it. However, Day Two was infinately better weatherwise, but Margaret decided to cut out after just half an hour. Since then, we have cleaned out the inside of the flywheel and also the fuel tank. She now runs better than ever.

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Jim, Matthew and Tom soldering joints

All plumbing complete, minus waterfall

Dry run!

Lister 187 Pump with Margaret Maytag on new skids

Everything working

The show setup: Maytag, Bentall Mill, Petter M, Amanco, Ruston Hornsby.

Margaret, pump and waterfall

Philip Thornton-Evison (of Stationary Engine Magazine) was given the honour of starting Margaret

No, not kneeling to pay homage to the Maytag deity - Philip and Jim trying to fix a sparking problem




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