Dolly's Dollshouse

I became attracted to the idea of having a "grown up" dollshouse after making several items for my niece. I attended a few fairs until I found a design I liked and bought it.
While I know it's traditional to have a dollshouse representing an exact period of history or to represent a family story, mine is different. As far as possible, I'm trying to make everything have a personal significance for me.
Externally, the house is similar to one built in 1678 which is just down the road from where I've lived most of my life. Internally, I'm aiming for a Victorian look (after all, not all Victorians lived in brand new houses), but historical inaccuracies will have to be excused.
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Outside of the house when new

Inside, showing 6 rooms and 3 large hallways / landings

Outside, with stonework painted and brick and slate textured covering applied to front walls and roof. The top of the roof (and now the dormer window fronts) have been leaded.


The kitchen with "tiled" floor, working light, dresser and a table made by my Dad shortly before he died, in Piranha pine, just like our kitchen table.   The brass bed is an almost exact replica of our first bed, and I have dressed it as I remember my Hungarian grandmother's bed - red satin, white lace, a red satin bolster and lots of embroidered cushions.

This bed, for the maid, was a kit which I built up, painted then covered the foam to make it look more like a real mattress. I embroidered the sheet and pillowcase with designs from Perfect Little Stitches The "patchwork" quilt was done with embroidery designs from Mother Hen's Quilts






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