Dolly's Heirloom Quilt

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There's a limit (I think!) to how many designs can be sewn onto clothes and cards, but a full size quilt??
This one is divided into "themed" blocks which represent different areas of our lives, with relevant coloured fabrics and embroidery designs. The advantage of doing the quilt this way is that it can be tackled with one relatively small and manageable block at a time.
Just for the record, I started the actual sewing in August 2002, and these first two blocks were completed by mid-September.
Many of these designs were "freebies" downloaded from the Net - once again, my sincere thanks to the talented designers who share their work.


I decided to do Cornwall first. This is an area in the south-west of England where we've had many very happy family beach holidays. I started by collecting suitable designs, then found some fabric in the colours which represent the clear blue sea and sky and the clean sand. Next, I scattered the embroideries on the fabric ... and soon discovered that I'd got far too many designs for a single block! Never mind, a big quilt has room for everything.


Throughout my childhood, we regularly went for weekends and holidays to Wales, and we've also had some memorable times their with our family, enjoying hiking in the rugged countryside, experience the somewhat inclement weather and seeing wonderful displays of shooting stars and the occasional comet thanks to the lack of light pollution.

My Blocks

For the "personal" blocks, for each member of the family, I think it's as important to record dislikes as well as likes to show what we are as characters. Hence the iron and the lady singing on mine!!

The Flame Mistress is my own personal design, digitised for me by


The dogs owned by other members of the family (brother, parents etc) have been included because they seemed to be as much a part of our family as our own. I managed to find most of the various dog breeds (Vizsla, Weimeraner, Doberman, Husky, Collie, Yorkie and even a good likeness of our Doberman-Weimeraner cross) but guinea pigs proved to be quite a challenge. A few adjustments to a fieldmouse design came close enough though!


The only time a single day warrents two whole quilt blocks!! I couldn't find any designs which were close to my outfit, but the shoe wasn't far out, and some of the other designs have a great significance. It was wonderful to find a Morris Minor design, because my wedding car was a Morris Minor, restored by Jim and Andy.

I started working on these two blocks on our 18th wedding anniversary, 3rd May 2004.

America 1999

When I started to collect designs to represent our American holidays, I found I had WAY too many. The reason for this is that we cram as much as possible into the trips, and bring so many good memories home with us! So I decided to do two blocks for each trip. And if I don't get a move on and finish the quilt, I could end up with a whole quilt of America on its own! For those interested in our trips and what we do, the story of them is on our engine-related website - see Portland 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003 (so far!)




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