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When I'm not doing any of my other jobs (office manager, housewife, mother, flame mistress, web mistress or GEM scribe), I enjoy sewing. I have a Janome Memory Craft 9000 which is equally at home repairing work clothes or sewing beautiful embroideries.

Flower Jacket
I bought this jacket ready made. It is suede and the individual patches are crocheted together. As suede would mark badly if I tried to put it into the embroidery hoop, I used an adhesive, tear-away stabiliser. The sleeves were left plain. Each square of suede is 3", so I had to chose the designs carefully to fit within that. Many were downloaded as "freebies" from the Net - thanks to the many talented and generous digitisers who put their work up for the rest of us to use.

Patchwork Quilt
Around 1984, when I had not been sewing long, I started working on a patchwork quilt. Soon after, I met Jim, we found a house and there were more important calls on my time. For a long time the pieces languished untouched but not forgotten in my fabric store, until early 2002, when my mother in law treated herself to a quilt, and my enthusiasm was rekindled.
Once all the pieces were sewn together, I topstitched every seam with one of the decorative stitches built into my machine. Some 3 miles of thread later, I was ready to sew the layers together, and added an embroidery to indicate the length of time the project had taken and my name change along the way!
I now have BIG ideas for
another quilt, combining patchwork and the embroidery features of my machine to make a very personal quilt depicting big events of our lives, rather like a fabric version of the old family bible. It could take a while ....

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