Dolly's Sewing Projects 2

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Lavender Fleece
This lightweight fleece was decorated with lovely realistic lavender designs from Birdhouse Cottage Crafts.

Fleece decoration
My mother in law treated herself to a lovely, lightweight fleece and received lots of compliments - until someone asked if she was ready for bed!! She handed it over to me to see what I could do to liven it up! I chose two feather designs from NeedlePassion Embroidery sewed using a mixture of strong coloured threads and varigated and plain metallics.

Combat Feathers
I used designs from the same set to decorate this pair of silky combat pants. Embroidered and sequinned combats are all the rage at the moment - a mixture of utilitarian and decorative - so I just hi-jacked the idea. The feathers are on the back of the right leg only.

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