I'm cutting this VERY fine with the deadline for this article, but I have a good excuse - we only got back from our Stateside trip to the biggest engine show in the world a few days ago, and since we got back we've had major work done on our house and my computer has had a major overhaul, complete with rebore and valve-lapping.

Of course, the big show only took 7 days of our trip, so we had time to fit in a visit to Kinzers for the Rough and Tumble, a day at Coolspring, and a day looking at working oil wells.

Because of the size of the show at Portland, Indiana, it is an ideal place for the ATIS Stationary Engine Mailing List members from around the world to meet up in person instead of via a keyboard, and this year the reactions were little short of ecstatic.

* Portland - WHATTA SHOW!!! Wow!!! But more than the show were all the good and kindly people I met there!

* I wish that everyone could have been there, the show was larger than any I have ever seen; 3,740 engines registered and over 900 tractors. There were 34 rows in the swap area, 300 ft. plus in length, end to end, that would be 2 MILES of engines and parts!!!!!

This photo shows the concentration required in the sale area when choosing what to buy! Jim French, Leroy Clark and Arnie Fero

* 36 States were represented, plus Australia, Canada, England, Denmark and the Netherlands.

* Impressive - there were 5659 items in total - considering that there was probably 3 times that in the swap/sales area I think Portland will remain unchallenged as the biggest show on the planet for another year.

* I just had a great week in Portland, Indiana. Iíve seen more engines there in three days than what I had previously seen at all shows I attended before in all my life! The 15 hour drive each way is well worth it. Iím exhausted!

* Had another GREAT time in Portland ... Learned a few things we did not know and visited with many friends.

* What a time we had!!!! To all of those we saw there, thanks for the memories!!! To all of you that failed to go,
what were you thinking?

* Iím planning to go earlier next year (and have a non leaking air mattress) and hope to meet a lot more friends. That is what these lists are really about - friends; friends matter. Information I can get from a book ... If you can have friends and information what more could we ask? Well, OK, money and ...

* It was good seeing many of the folk at Portland. Iím sure there are a few that I missed saying hi to and I apologise for that. There were a lot of neat engines there this year; more so than in many of the past years. I think the list area has a good a ďdisplayĒ as any.

A small part of the area set aside for our meeting place. From left to right is the 16HP Galloway owned and restored by Dave Rotigel, first seen when it was delievered to him in its "raw" state and last year's show; a 4HP headless Witte in "working clothes", owned by Arnie Fero; an English Petter M 5HP purchased on behalf of Arnie Fero by Jim French in the UK earlier this year, rallied by Arnie when he visited us here, then crated and shipped to make its first US appearance at Portland; two model engines designed and build by John Fankhauser.

* Very big thanks for helping me haul my new toy out to the van - please extend my thanks to your friend who drove the tractor and helped load - I never did get his name. It sure is great to have good friends.

* Once again, the generosity of ATIS members was demonstrated at the Portland Charity auction, raising a total of $2,778.50.

It will take a long time for the glowing smiles to fade - and as someone pointed out, ďOnly 12 months till we do it again!!Ē


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