Web Design by Dolly*

Part of the original deal when David Knopfler designed our company website was that he would teach me the basics of web design so that I would be able to make updates and alterations to the site myself.
The personal pages of the FBI website are pretty much all my work, plus I have done a few sites for family and friends, and one for another company. There's nothing really fancy - no javascript or cgi feedback forms - but I have tried to make them varied, interesting and, above all, fast loading.

Jim & Dolly's hobby website

Andy French's hobby website

My new sewing projects & photos site 

Arnie Fero's hobby website

Market Harborough & District Canine Society

My photographs

Cast Iron Welding Services - not under my control any more! One or two of my graphics hanging around though    




* "Dolly" being the less than formal name by which family and friends know me!

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