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The Stationary Engine List is a free mailing list for engine enthusiasts, where help and information are willingly given. Subjects discussed cover all areas of the hobby and often unrelated subjects, but always with humour, intelligence and friendship.

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The following are mainly stationary-engine related links, several being the home pages of those on the Stationary Engine Mailing List, and therefore dedicated to old iron of all sizes, conditions and nationalities.

Old Engine.org Homepage

Rusty Iron Workshop Homepage

Fort Allen Antique Farm Equipment Association, Inc

Antique Gas Engine Home Page

oldengine.com Home Page

Tony's Old Gas Engines

Reg Ingold's Home Page

Kelly's Old Engines

The Mike Tanner Page

Denis' Engine Shed

Peter Forbes' Diesel Page

Steam and Engine of Australia

Austin Champ Page

A local show we regularly attend is at Leicester's Abbey Pumping Station. As the Museum Service does not, at present have its own website, a page has been added to this one, until such time as theirs is available

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