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The Stationary Engine List is a free mailing list for engine enthusiasts, where help and information are willingly given. Subjects discussed cover all areas of the hobby and often unrelated subjects, but always with humour, intelligence and friendship.

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The best place to find the home pages of those on the Stationary Engine Mailing List, and therefore dedicated to old iron of all sizes, conditions and nationalities.

You want engines? Try some of these links!

Unfortunately, there are instances of theft in this hobby and so a page has been set up with information on stolen engines to try to trace them - please take a look!

The home of Austin Champs on the web has information about meetings, parts, Champs for sale and a world-wide registry of owners.

A new website, devoted to Land Rover 101 Forward Controls.

A local show we regularly attend is at Leicester's Abbey Pumping Station. And it finally has its own website!!!

What better way to accompany off-duty time than with a bottle of Hobgoblin?

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