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Such a lot to put here! If I've missed anyone out, then please let me know and I'll add your page to the list.

Pages of pictures, shows and information on personal websites Andy French's engines and tractor

  Roland's Yard - How many Petters can fit into one shed?

  Reg Ingold - model maker extroidinaire

  Arnie's Atomic Engines - Engines and Yank's Trip tales

  Dave Rotigel - Engines, shows and Maytag abuse

  Rob Skinner and Kelley Garcia's Rusty Iron: Engines and beer - what more can you want?

  Craig Prucha's restorations of BIG engines

  Keith Kinney - Hercules and other engines

  Ted Brookover

  Leroy Clark
  Peter Lowe
  Bill Tremel - Oilfield engines
  Chuck Balyeat - Gas engines and parts supply
  Harry Terpstra
  Patrick Livingstone
  Kerry Morris
  Luke Tonneberger
  Ron Mattson
Information Shopswarf - useful shop info
  Harry's old engine
  Steam and Gas Engine of Australia

  Ted's Ignitor ID page

  Peter Forbes' Lister and Petter information pages

Engine-related Museums and Groups Coolspring Power Museum, Pennsylvania, USA
  Anson Museum, UK
  The OFES - Oil Field Engine Society

  Kinzer Rough and Tumble, Pennsylvania, USA
  Castell Pridd Museum Of Power, Wales
Links to links pages Ken Christison - information and links to pictures around the WWW

  Engine related links

  Eric Brain's links page

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