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Root and Vandervoort 2HP

The R&V was purchased in the sale area at the Portland 1999 show. Out of all the engines for sale there, this one came closest to all the criteria decided upon. It was unusual, particularly in England, American made, appeared to be fairly complete, in need of cosmetic restoration and also, importantly, within the budget! The deal was struck, and the engine hauled back to the ATIS area of the showground. Naturally, an engine this size couldn't come back to England as hand luggage, so the next step was was to transport it to Pittsburgh for crating - first on Dave Rotigel's trailer, as a wheel chock for his 16HP Galloway, then a shorter journey to Arnie Fero's - looking lonely and lost on his trailer. A sturdy crate was built around the R&V, and it travelled the Atlantic to its new home in England.

The Root and Vandervoort 2HP Triumph Line, Serial Number BL11762 - click on the relevant parts of the engine for more detailed pictures


For more information and pictures on the cosmetic restoration of this engine, click here

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