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Root and Vandervoort 2HP

The Restoration

As the R+V was running extremely well, it seemed a shame to completely dismantle it for the restoration, but the red and green brush paint was just too bad to stay! Finally, after one last run, it was stripped down and rubbed down. Then came the difficult colour choice. Most R+V's are green; a few are a dark red, but why some are one colour and some another hasn't been established. We decided that there were already enough green engines, of one shade or another, in our collection and this one had to be something special. We chose a deep maroon with a touch of metallic, and it was mixed by a local paint supplier. The engine block and flywheels were sprayed. What better place than the kitchen table to do the intricate pinstriping and add the decal?

A well-painted engine needs a matching cart, so, using the design of another engine cart, a new oak cart was created. All in all, it was well worth the effort!

If you have an R+V engine, please go to the R+V Register Page and submit your details

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