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The UK Contingent

On 14 November 1998, there was an auction at Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK, which should have been a meeting for the UK members of the Stationary Engine List, but for various reasons, there were only three who managed to make it.

New Year's Day 1999 marked the Fourth Annual World Wide Crank Up. We ran four engines, all of them behaving perfectly as they never do for an audience at shows!

Three of the four engines in action: L-R Petter M, Wolseley WDII and Lister D

Petter A air-cooled. This engine belongs to Tom, aged 11

Old faithful, the Lister D

Petter M 2HP, 2-stroke, 1923

Petter M 2HP, 2-stroke, 1923

Wolseley WDII

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