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Updated: 01 August 2002

About the only addition to the collection this year has been an Allan Scythe, currently at the restoration stage.
The Tillinghast has proved to be very obstinate, running shortly before Christmas and again for our annual New Year's Crank-up. After that, she's flatly refused to run. There was some progress in July when she actually fired and went over compression a few times.
An indoor project has been "Lockouts", a variation of an engine alteration used by Leroy Clarke ... pictures will be available shortly.
Other projects have been to send a Lorenz over to friends in California, and to procure another engine for Arnie Fero - this time a Crossley, which needed some work doing to it so he could rally it over here when he made the third trip over for the continuing "industrial heritage" tour of Britain. That has now been crated up and shipped across the pond.
While Arnie was over here, we went to the Lister Petter rally, the 1000 Engine and the Urban Rally at Abbey Pumping Station - much fun was had by all, and webpages will appear one day!

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